Integrated Peripherals

Our services portfolio extends its capacities to often overlooked, yet critical aspects of company’s digital workflow. Proper implementation of office connectivity, data exchange patterns optimization, flexible and fully managed phone systems and data security. Every little thing matters when it comes down to business.

Data Tracking

When it comes down to it, productive employees are focused and efficient workers that are generating revenue. But employee productivity can be negatively impacted by distractions, a lack of training, or inefficiencies, all reducing the bottom line. There are several obvious enemies of employee productivity that every business faces:

  • Social Media - According to a recent study, Social Media costs businesses $4,452 per employee each year, with the biggest culprit being Facebook.

  • Chat/ Instant Messaging - The average employee is interrupted every 10.5 minutes with an IM, tweet or Facebook message.

  • Personal Activities - A recent survey showed that employees waste an average of about 6% of their time performing personal activities on the Internet.

  • Poor Training - An improper understanding of how to use software designed to get the job done can result in slower response time, and additional work to correct problems.

To gain a true understanding of what employees are doing on the Internet, businesses need to be able to see three aspects:

  • Focused Time - the amount of time the application or web browser was in the foreground. This indicates no other application was in use.

  • Active Time - the amount of time the user was interacting with the application or browser. This indicates whether they were truly using the application or was it left open.

  • Total Time - the amount of time the application or browser was running.

By implementing employee monitoring, businesses have a window into employee activities with enough detail and context to make intelligent decisions that will improve employee productivity.

Internet and Multi-Site Connectivity

Solara Data Systems helps you implementing solutions necessary for improved collaboration and superior customer experience. We help connect all people in your organization seamlessly, regardless of their physical location.

“Solara Data Systems helped us tremendously by replacing our outdated backup method with a solution that is totally seamless to us. As a law firm, we must take good care of our data – retain it and secure it – Solara does both.” – Brian West, The West Law Group

VOIP Telephony

Rather than acquiring a stationary PBX with a static set of features leading to costly upgrades, customers benefit from a dynamic system where new features are being continuously added at no additional cost.


Peripheral integration is a key in creating your company’s digital workflow. Still printing paper? Consider PDF-based solutions that presents significant cost savings and enables more efficient data access. People are freed from the drudgery of filing, typing, looking for lost records, and doing all the rest of the busy work. Once we transfer the data from paper to digital, we no longer need a single physical place, such as the front desk, to gather the information. An administrator can gather the data wherever there is a computer. That could be at the front, in the back, or even in a different building.