Zero Footprint Infrastructure

Solara Data Systems offer a hosted servers and desktop service that is extremely reliable and secure. Our engineers built our infrastructure to protect against all security threats and hardware failures that are possible with cloud desktop hosting. SDS offering has redundancy in every system in our network an industry leading up-time guarantee.

By co-locating Web, e-mail and file servers with SDS, small- and mid-size organizations can obtain the reliability of a large enterprise at a small-business price.


Freedom to Work Remotely

Access your applications and data files from any device, anywhere in the world. Drive IT savings straight to your bottom line.


Fast and Secure Hosted Desktop Access 24/7/365

Hosted virtual desktops guarantee accessibility, security and redundancy of all of your most critical files and information. Using hosted desktops you have secure access to your business computing environment from any Internet connected device in the world without sacrificing performance.


Desktop Capacity When You Need It

No more waiting for a computer to arrive when new employees start. New hosted desktop environments are provisioned instantly.

You have the same access to applications and files at home or on the road that you do at the office.  When your office lives in the cloud, you enjoy guaranteed availability and performance of your hosted Windows servers and desktops.


Centralized IT Management

Centralized control over applications and user permissions. Moving your office to desktop hosting with the cloud eliminates IT headaches and guarantees up-time while significantly reducing your IT budget.


Cost Savings

No longer having to pay for upgrades or server maintenance. Imagine getting more use out of your existing computing systems by moving your data and applications online. Imagine saving up to 80% on your utility costs by not constantly running electricity-hungry equipment and replacing aging technology and keeping an eye on expiring equipment warranties.


Seamless Collaboration

Give your employees the tools they need to work smarter. Whether you've got salespeople in the field, employees who telecommute or multiple locations, it's easier than ever to share data remotely. At SDS, we know the modern office is no longer limited to a physical space.




 “I use Solara’s Total Data Protection Plan to backup my data. My business has grown significantly since I first signed-up with Solara, and so did the amount of my data, so I was worried about the increasing monthly charge. However, Solara developed a special package for me and kept my costs affordable and predictable. Thank you!” – Julia Schiptsova, Bella Shoes